The Hunt for the Lost Treasure!

The Hunt for the Lost Treasure!

Build your teams! Get the rib boats! And the game starts! 

Everyone knows the Hunt for the Lost Treasure, this fabulous mystery game for kids. 
Skyfall Yacht Charter created this game for all ages using Boats.

The adventure starts from an old grandpa story, who has been hunting lost treasures for all his life. Your read many adventurous stories as a child, they always excited your imagination while you were growing up. Now imagine that you have acquired some archeology skills and he thinks you might help him now. There are some difficult treasures to find.

The Hunt for the Lost Treasure starts from Athens and who know where it will find you! 
You have got a map which tracks the location. The map was forgotten by your grandpa, he used that map to discover the location of the lost treasure for the last time.
Now he's asking for your help! Get ready to explore the islands, there are a lot of clues to find, using them you will be able to read map left by the pirates.

This captivating adventure game designed by Angelos Papakonstantinou, features rib boats, mysterious clues and items hidden everywhere.

The Hunt for the Lost Treasure with rib boats is more than just a game and you will be able to figure it out from the first interaction when the game starts. The gaming experience is enhanced with a dynamic map with plenty of locations to reveal.

Explore and decipher the pirate's cove to discover all the required clues along the way. 

The game includes: organizing, lifeguard, snack, eating in a traditional tavern, game process, rib boats, visit to islands, insurance, video at the end of game, surprise gifts.