The origins of wine making in Greece go back to 6,500 years, and evidence suggesting wine production,
confirm that Greece is home to the second oldest known grape wine remnants discovered, and the
world’s earliest evidence of crushed grapes!
More than 350 local grape varieties grow in the Greek vineyard, with almost 20 of them, already famous
and spreading in the wine world.
The rugged landscape provides the perfect terroir for red, white, rose and even sparkling wines.
North Greece, Central Greece, Peloponnese, the islands and Crete are in the spotlight of wine
enthusiasts, with luscious, tasty and food friendly wines.
Wine tourism in Greece, is an emerging form of alternative tourism, that attracts more and more
visitors, with a great number of wineries welcoming tourists all around the country!
Explore the fascinating Greek wine world, visiting the island or near coastline wineries: Crete, Aegean
and Ionian Islands, Peloponnese, Attica, Evia and Central - Northern Greece coastline.
Tailor made experiences:
- A range of customized half or full day excursions on islands or the mainland
- On board wine tastings and pairing with Greek cheeses and local delicacies
- Ask for our experienced skipper-wine guide
- Customized wine cruises
- One day culinary and wine excursions on islands and coasts, visiting wineries
- Combined wine and culture tours to enjoy after your cruise
- On board events and tastings for groups
Be the first to discover a unique experience of wine cruises!

Thematic and freestyle experiences:
We are also delighted to organize for you anything that includes fun, relaxation and entertainment!

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